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28 February 2019

Food and Drink Federation response to the latest Brexit amendment votes

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FDF has issued the following press notice:

Ian Wright CBE, FDF Chief Executive said:

“It is encouraging that Parliament has taken an important step towards removing the threat of a no-deal cliff edge. But no food and drink manufacturer will be celebrating tonight. Businesses will have to continue planning for such a scenario until the 29 March date is removed from the Withdrawal Act.

“A three-month delay would provide a little more breathing space, but it could also play havoc with careful supply chain and logistical planning based on a 29 March exit and the seasonal availability of ingredients and warehousing space.

“Such a delay may also mean three more months of diverted time, effort and investment. Based on the last three months – which have at times been shambolic - the food and drink industry will seriously question what government could achieve by extending the Brexit deadline for such a short period of time.”

More Information

Contact Ted Woodward, Corporate Affairs Division, at:, or +44 (0) 20 7420 7140.

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