FDF Scotland is compiling a range of resources to help inspire food and drink companies to improve the healthiness of their products through recipe reformulation and limiting portion sizes. We also have resources to help consumers make informed choices about the food they eat.

Scotland's Reformulation for Health programme

Find out more about how FDF Scotland can connect you to support, expertise and funding to help you make your products healthier.

View Scotland's Reformulation for Health programme

Understanding and using food labels

FDF Scotland has created a resource to help teachers and pupils understand how to read food labels and make informed and educated food choices. Pupils and teachers will learn what information legally needs to be on a food label; the 14 food and substances that commonly cause allergic reactions and where to find them on the label; and how to read ingredients lists and nutrition information.

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Note: This is a PowerPoint presentation including notes. If you are having problems viewing it please right click on the link and select "Save target as" or "Save link as" and save to your PC. Then open the saved version.

Food and drink labelling guide

This publication is a resource for healthcare professionals about food and drink labelling as a tool to encourage healthier eating.

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Reformulation guide - Spotlight on Sugars - for small to medium sized companies

A free reformulation guide for small and medium sized companies developed by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR).

This guidance sets out the regulatory framework covering the reduction of sugars, key considerations when reducing sugars or using sugar replacers and factors affecting the consumer acceptability of sugar replacers. The guide covers the different challenges and opportunities in reducing sugars in the soft drinks, dairy and baked goods categories, and also discusses ingredient and labelling considerations.

Download: Reformulation guide for small to medium sized companies

Reducing Sugar in the Diet

Food and drink manufacturers are working with the UK Government as it embarks on a highly ambitious sugars reduction drive.

In this short video, FDF's Chief Scientific Officer Helen Munday explains what this process involves and what it will mean for manufacturers, retailers, café and restaurant owners. Importantly, the video also explains the changes consumers will begin to see as a result of these collective efforts.

FDF Scotland legacy resources

Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs

This resource provides information and guidance for food and drink producers that want to find out how reformulation could help their customers as well as their business, alongside sign-posting to other sources of practical advice and information.

The publication captures some of the success stories achieved through our Reformulation Programme, which was funded by Scottish Government. The Programme provided hands on, practical support to SMEs in Scotland to help them reformulate their products for health.

View Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs

Delivering Healthy Growth

Our report showcases a broad package of industry action; ranging from cutting edge processes that enable recipes to be changed to reduce salt, saturated fat and energy density, to workplace wellbeing schemes that work to improve the health of thousands of industry employees.

View Delivering Healthy Growth

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Last reviewed: 10 Sep 2019