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Third-party charges

Third-party charges make over 50% of the cost of a commercial electricity supply invoice and these costs are forecast to continue rising in years to come.

During the peak times of the day – between 4pm and 7pm Monday to Friday – the DUoS charges reach their highest level – with this being at its maximum during peak winter months. Furthermore, the three Triad periods will also have a large impact if electricity is imported during these times

DUoS Band Charges

There can be a huge difference between the Red Band DUoS rate for peak-time electricity and the Green Band. Depending on the region and the time of year, it can be as much as nine times more expensive.

The wholesale cost element of a bill is unavoidable unless a company can generate its own energy, or simply reduce consumption. With many companies having already implemented energy efficiency measures, there's opportunities for generation – of course depending on a site's demand.

These third-party charges can, in many cases, be avoided and that's where Ylem Energy can help.

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Last reviewed: 09 Jun 2020