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Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent, international (digital) engineering and project management consultancy with over 135 years of experience.

Backed by the expertise and experience of 6,000 colleagues all over the world, our domain subject matter experts combine global expertise with local knowledge to deliver a multi- disciplinary range of consultancy services for the entire living environment in some 150 countries.

By showing thought leadership in sustainable development and innovation, together with our clients, we are working to become part of the solution to a more sustainable society now and into the future.

Industry 4.0 combined with changes in consumer demand and behaviours are driving the need for new and improved ways of working in both manufacturing and engineering. Food manufacturing as a sector remains “behind the curve” in adopting digital technologies to enhance yield and OEE, improve Capex decision making. It allows the use of data to make informed decisions across all aspect of the business to allow operational improvements and energy optimisation.

Digital transformation within an operational environment requires experts who know what they are doing with both the building, the factory, the production process, supply chain along with energy transition as well as data and IOT software. Some manufacturers are expanding into new countries, adapting to changing patterns of demand and adopting new technologies to support their strategies, however many are still unsure what to do and where to start Our experience is that digital solutions are helping manufacturers manage risk, remain competitive and future proof their investments.

Is your business impacted by these challenges?

  • Remaining competitive in an uncertain and changing marketplace
  • Rising operational costs
  • End to End supply chain resilience requirements
  • Constrained manufacturing capacity
  • Delivering engineering changes through digital technology and smart solutions.
  • Optimise energy across the business
  • Optimise your data to gain deeper insights into opportunities for performance and productivity enhancement.

How can Royal HaskoningDHV help:

  • Increasing Profitability and Productivity through optimising operational performance and yields.
  • Supporting UK manufacturers to develop a Digital Vision and Roadmap for the future
  • Delivering End to End Digital and Engineering Solutions
  • Increasing Efficiency, improving Sustainability and creating Flexibility through digital solutions
  • Collaboration and Integration working as One Team.

Specific services we offer to the food and beverage industry include:

  • Complete End to End Business Case (Solutions) Consultancy
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Simulation, targeting process optimisation
  • Digital tooling such as 3D virtual scanning of existing plant and virtual prototyping using Witness simulation software
  • BIM and Parametric design allowing for design change flexibility with minimal impact on cost and project timelines.
  • Data science management for determining predictive solutions
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering team, including subject matter expertise and Level 2 BIM delivery
  • Master planning for new build or repurposing / adaption of existing sites and / or supply chains
  • Digital design and engineering services
  • Construction delivery support, Principal Designer duties
  • Operations and Asset Management utilising digital twin applications.

Predictive simulation technology keeps company ahead of its competitors

Our client, which specialises in packaging systems for FMCG companies, has used our dynamic simulation technology to give them a competitive edge. The challenge they faced was that they needed to prove the validity of their designs for highly complex systems in order to close the sale. Traditional spreadsheet calculations were simply not able to predict performance of complex systems in the detail required and over the operational life cycle. They chose WITNESS simulation software provided by Lanner, a company of Royal HaskoningDHV, for all their modelling requirements. It allows them to virtually simulate the new packaging operational environment, avoiding test hours and machine stops on real production lines, and enables their customers to make important decisions with more confidence. The solution has provided a unique competitive advantage for our client.

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Last reviewed: 01 May 2020