FDF response to Government's Industrial Strategy

FDF response to the House of Commons BIS Select Committee inquiry into Government's Industrial Strategy

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September 2016

'The House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee launched an inquiry into the Government's commitment to create an Industrial Strategy. The inquiry explores what the Government means by 'industrial strategy', how interventionist the Government should be, and what industry would to see included. The inquiry also looks into the pros and cons of a sector by sector approach, and a geographical emphasis.

FDF submitted a response which outlined the importance of food and drink sector as the UK's largest manufacturing sector. FDF outlined what the industry would like to see put into a strategy, and how the Government can build on previous successes and failures of previous approaches, whilst ensuring food and drink producers across the UK can remain and be more competitive when it comes to skills, innovation and trade.'

Last reviewed: 25 Jul 2019