Food and Drink Network Terms and Conditions

  1. The Food and Drink Network is operated by FDF and subject to all usual FDF contractual obligations and policies
  2. This competition will provide 25 free memberships only to individuals who are permanent employees of FDF or FDFS full member manufacturing companies at 1 January 2020. The membership comprises three free networking events per year which are usually held at FDF offices, Bloomsbury Way, London and selected newsletters.
  3. The membership, in whole or part, is not transferable to other individuals and no cash equivalent is available
  4. This membership does not confer any of the rights or benefits of FDF Full Company membership on the individual
  5. The winners will be selected by random draw after the closing date of 31 December 2019 and will be notified as soon as possible. The free membership runs 1 January 2020-31 December 2020
  6. FDF cannot be responsible for short notice cancellation of events included as part of this membership. FDF cannot be liable for any travel or accommodation
  7. The FDF will process personal data in accordance with its privacy policy.
  8. FDF reserves the right to terminate membership at any time for reasons including misuse of FDF material, failure to attend events or inappropriate behaviour.

Last reviewed: 25 Nov 2019