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Commercial and Membership Team

Director Nicki Hunt

About the Team

Commercial and Membership organogram - pdf

A new division formed in 2012 with a responsibility to:

  • Deliver commercial services to secure income for FDF so as to reduce our reliance on members to fund all our activities, for example, the FDF Awards
  • Stay close to existing members to ensure we understand their requirements and deliver these in order to keep them in membership
  • Actively recruit new members in core food and drink as well as driving Professional Affiliate membership
  • Develop relationships with other Trade Associations to ensure the industry gets joined-up support
  • Find ways to represent the SME community more effectively and increase the numbers in FDF membership
  • Introduce marketing initiatives to increase awareness of FDF and to sell the products and services we develop.

Staff in the Team

Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Nicki HuntDirector of Membership and Commercial Engagement-
Claire ConquestMembership Engagement Manager-
Felipe FernandesSenior Commercial Events Executive-
Craig HanningtonCommercial Executive-
Casey HornMarketing and Commercial Analyst-
Reema PatelMembership Engagement Executive-
Madalina PopaMembership Association Groups Executive-

Last reviewed: 02 Jan 2021