Innovation 2018

The food and drink community celebrated success on 20 September 2018 as the winners of the Food and Drink Federation Awards were announced.

TrakRap Ltd - The TrakRap Packaging System

Environmentally-friendly secondary packaging company TrakRap designs and creates 100% recyclable packaging solutions for the food and drink industry in order to help minimise waste.

TrakRap also designs and manufactures its own machinery which is environmentally-friendly and allows users to reduce carbon emissions and materials usage while costing less to operate.

In the last three years, the company has made significant investments in order to focus on new innovations to refine and improve the machinery to meet the specific needs of the food and drink industry. This included making technological advancements to ensure the machinery is fully connected and Industry 4.0-ready, delivering even more benefits to its customers and enabling the machinery to continually learn and develop in order to improve sustainability further still.

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